The Rocks Discovery Museum

February 15, 2007 at 12:37 am | Posted in General, Out and About, Sydney, Travel | 2 Comments

Saturday continued with a trip to the Rocks Discovery Museum and with free entry it’s clearly a bargain. Through its various rooms, in the shell of a colonial building, to see a history of Sydney’s Aboriginal population, early European colonisation and the development of the Rocks area to today.

I think I was most surprised by the reduction of the Rocks’ area since its inception to today where it is now just a few streets running against the harbour and bridge.

The museum also features a variety of interactive touch screens and exhibits which allow for a prolonged experience should you want a more in depth knowledge, whereas for the more casual explorer such as myself there are plenty of big letters and shiny things to keep your attention.

When you visit the Rocks take some time to go to the museum – even if only for a cursory glance – as it offers a snapshot of Sydney’s history in a reasonably digestable form.


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  1. We could probably write a travel guide of sorts. No wonder you’ve been exploring Sydney, when you’re from interstate. Been here long?

  2. I’ve (only) been in Syndey for a few years but realised I hadn’t seen much of the city and would feel neglectful of the expereince if I end up leaving (no, not yet) without taking in as much as possible.

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