The Sydney Aquarium

February 13, 2007 at 10:52 am | Posted in General, Out and About, Sydney, Travel | Leave a comment

Friday after dosing up on chocolate at Lindt we (the old Uni crew) walked to Darling Harbour and the Sydney Aquarium.  Reportedly Sydney’s top attraction and located on prime real estate in the harbour amongst throngs of tourists it’s not hard to see why. Of course once entering we’re accosted by spruikers for multi-pass tickets and what not but sidestepping these we bought our tickets and wandered into the aquarium.

The entire aquarium is a microcosm of the Australian marine environment featuring seals, penguins (camera shy), sharks, stingrays and a multitude of other creatures. While many of these odd, ugly and funky animals are interesting to look at you can’t help but wonder about the size of their enclosures and the quality of life.

It has been a while since I’d been to an aquarium and the last time the touch tank allowed us to pick up “star fish” (now “sea stars”) but presumably times have changed for the better as people are restricted to prodding.

By the end of our walk around the aquarium I think we were quite tuckered out, happy to get through the gift shop and sit outside for a moment to catch our breath.

So is this Sydney’s best? I don’t think so. It has a lot to offer, is interesting and educational and for those with limited time in Australia may be particularly beneficial but at the end of the day the cost for entry ($27.50) makes this venue less affordable. While other places may not be as extensive they’re considerably cheaper and so balance out with the aquarium.

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