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January 21, 2007 at 10:24 am | Posted in General, Out and About, Sydney, Travel | 3 Comments

This week Miki and I met at the Rocks to view the MSF Congo photos at, of all places, the Ken Done gallery. After walking past many brightly coloured Done’s we found our way inside the Congo display, which featured several war photographers’ images of the conflict and the suffering in the Congo. I was expecting a larger number and variety of photos, similar to the World Press photos at the State Library. In reality we were able to look through them all quite quickly, I found none of them overly inspiring and nor was the composition very clear in quite a few of these photos. Of course, I’m no award winning photojournalist but the impact is limited if I can’t make out the subject of the scene or determine that the lack of clarity is artistically based. Although the pictures were also hampered by the gallery space itself which had an abundance of natural light that led to a great deal of reflection on the photo frame.

After MSF we wandered around the Rocks and looked at all the nick knacks in the Rocks Markets but nothing was particularly interesting and yet we somehow stumbled into the Mandela Drawings gallery. It was another very quick trip, up and around, despite the web saying it’s open but there was quite a large amount or white room available with a stack of drawings waiting to be hung. In terms of the drawings themselves, they appeared to be recreations of existing photos done in his own unique style.

Miki and I then met Richard at La Renaissance for coffees, pain au chocolat and good conversation at the Rock’s French patisserie. It features a wide selection of delicious and sweet looking cakes to be enjoyed take away or in the backyard. A very pleasant experience, best enjoyed with friends. After staying till they shut the doors and we had to exit through the kitchen on to a side street we began wandering around pondering what to eat for dinner and battling the increasing wind. At last we settled on Caminetto– a well known Italian institution in the Rocks. Richard and Miki both had pastas and I had lasagne. Even with the musicians playing a tad bit too closely and loudly we were able to keep chatting and enjoying the food that was served pretty quickly. I thought my lasagne was reasonable but a tad too moist in the pastry and a little too dry in the meat. Though these are only minor points. Overall it was a good experience.

Finally, we journeyed to the Symphony in the Domainalong with what seemed like half of Sydney as the grounds were packed with people. Luckily, they were all well behaved and the pathways kept clear. Presumably because many were bringing in their own food and drink the food stalls (including the bars) had very few short lines – except for the coffee shops where people were lining up for ridiculous amounts of time. Meanwhile we ate ice creams and wandered around looking for a place to sit. Did this dampen our enjoyment? Not at all, as the speakers provided clear audio throughout the Domain. After intermission when inexplicably people left we were able to find a spot but not before I picked up a Japan Cake (hopefully Miki will post a comment with it’s real name that I can never remember). While the one I ate at the Noodle Festival was much tastier I still found it filling and was able to finish it just in time for 1812 and the concluding fireworks. A real crowd pleaser!

Almost as soon as the fireworks and the last chord had subsided the crowd was on its feet and began the trek home and with that I said my farwells and headed home after a fun afternoon and evening.

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