Max Brenner at Double Bay

January 10, 2007 at 12:42 am | Posted in Cafes & Restaurants, Coffee, Food, General, Out and About, Sydney | 4 Comments

Whilst in Double Bay I visited the local Max Brenner’s having been previously to the other shops at Paddington, Manly and in the CBD.  If you’ve never been to Max Brenner’s and love chocolate you are missing out, their mochas and selection of chocolate related food and drink are awesome.

Having said that, I would give the Double Bay store a wide berth unless you’re just getting take-away, as the table service was terrible. While the store was moderately busy it was no where near busy enough to justify the awful service. Upon arriving at the store and meeting Rhi and Richard who were already there, no staff member offered me a menu or asked if I would like a drink. Speaking of which, we all wanted water and after groing frustation with their lack of interest in us I walked to the water cups, just had my hands on them when waiter informed me that I could not take them back to the table and that he would serve us the water. Which he did – eventually.

I guess I need to have a responsible service (of water) accreditation for this?

Coincidentally, I had bought a mocha from the same store earlier in the day and the service was decent, nothing flash but ok and as I only remained inside briefly I think it was worth it in exchange for a much needed coffee.

Give up on the Double Bay store and get your Max Brenner fix at another store.


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  1. I remember my experience at the Brenner’s as well. No free seats, barely room to squeeze past, and hordes of people mostly of the female variety. Service was appalling but at least the Paddington store wait staff were apologetic.

    To be honest I’m not sure why humans should be so susceptible to hype that they would put up with anything to be seen at the ‘right’ place.

  2. I revisited Max Brenner today, this time at Paddington, luckily there were plenty of seats and while the staff were a little confused, didn’t have any bottled water and forgot to bring some tap water to our table it was still better than DB! At least the coffee was tasty.

    I guess the advantage of inner city living is that there are always plenty of alternatives.

    Well unless it’s New Year’s day and most places are closed and the remainder packed.

  3. whinge, whinge, moan – honestly guys! – Max Brenners do the best they can but I guess having to work in an enclosed space breathing in all the chocolate-y fumes all day long may have a *slightly* soporific effect. the thing is, they really do have great hot chocolate (the one with the orchid oil – ahhh, orgasmic!) and if that’s what you want then you have to put up with the rest.

  4. As you’ve implied, people will put up with anything to get the drug. But why put up with it? It’s like PCs – everyone puts up with the crashes and the whatnots, but would you expect that from a car? Well it isn’t good enough matey! 🙂 If you expect to run a posh establishment then at least give good service – go hard or go home.

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