’tis the Season

December 17, 2006 at 11:38 am | Posted in General, Random | Leave a comment

I’ve been to a few Christmas functions this year, with a few more to go, and this year has probably been the best. I was particularly impressed with my work party – my first in the private sector. Between continuous and relatively tasty food plus the many, many different types of alcohol. I particularly enjoyed my bottomless glass of champagne! I also had the chance to meet new people as well as getting to know the others in my team better.

Drinks and food were held at one of Sydney’s cultural institutions. For me this was both very cool , with the architecture and display but also reinforced the ridiculous notion that the Historic Houses Trust, Museum of Contemporary Art and any other venue have about banning water bottles. I recognise that I harp on this a lot but it is an inconvenience and plain silly to think that water (should it escape) would actually damage anything, particularly compared with the greater potential for destruction posed by a packed location and copious amounts of alcohol.

While not seriously hung over (the constant eating and non-mixing of drinks probably helped) I did end up sleeping in late. Very late. I haven’t quite made it to a Sydney location this week. I apologise for my tardiness, I shall be heading to Brisbane to see my parents for Christmas but will be checking out some place new beforehand.

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