A coincidence

December 5, 2006 at 1:12 pm | Posted in Random | 2 Comments

Today I saw a blog on WordPress’ fastest growing blog section and while it has nothing to do with me anyone who knows about my day job may want to check out Counter Intelligence! You know why.

Besides that esoteric appeal it offers everyone else food news and info which is always a good thing. Not to mention the recent hangover cure piece may be useful.


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  1. That´s so funny! How is work going? Are you still the face of diversity?? Congrats on your graduation. Really like your blog. Looking forward to seeing more pix and hearing about your other field trips. Miss all you Sydneysiders lots! Have to run as I´m getting ready for a 15 hour bus trip back to Bolivia, but speak soon xxx

  2. Thanks Amy! Hopefully you’ll see this at the end of that trip!

    Heh, I remain one of the faces and it is indeed a weighty responsibility. Your travels sound amazing and I can’t wait to copy you and go OS for a bit!

    Will keep you updated with Sydney news.

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