Disappointment continues: Organic Produce

November 13, 2006 at 11:51 am | Posted in Coffee, Food, General, Out and About, Sydney | 2 Comments

I walked to Organic Produce on Crown Street near Oxford after the Hyde Park Barracks with free Herald in hand. I’ve often walked past this café/deli on my way to the Lounge and today was the day I decided to try it out. I should have kept walking.  

I had a pasta salad and a mocha. The mocha tasted more like a regular coffee and had about a third of the cup filled with froth. The coffee was particularly bitter and while that may suit some people it does not match my sweet tooth as I couldn’t taste anything but strong and bitter. The salad was ok but nothing to write home about. The shop also has organic fresh foods and goods. If I was an organics person who lived closer I may have tried them out but I’m not and so as a layman I am saying that there’s nothing special about this café and nothing at all special if you don’t like bitter coffee.

On the other hand if you’re into organic foods give it a try and let me know whether it meets your expectations.


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  1. Hiya – which cafe is this? is it the one near Route 66/Wagamamas?

  2. Yes, just around the corner from Pablo’s.

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