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In a recent news report the Australian Red Cross Blood Service put out an urgent call for donors as it apparently only had 36 hours remaining. Now this got my blood boiling. The Red Cross (which is presumably not the only one doing this) actively discriminates against homosexuals from giving blood and my deeply hidden inner idealist finds this extremely offensive. I understand that their rationale is that homosexuals are at a higher risk of infectious diseases. I don’t know if that’s true or not but I think that’s beside the point. Even if, as a group gays are at risk (or rather those engaged in male to male sex) this should not preclude a person who is in a monogamous relationship from giving blood. The question should be able sexual activity and history not sexuality. After all if heterosexuals are ‘safer’ as a group that doesn’t automatically exclude someone who’s unsafe from giving blood (while other factors later on might – which is my point). Add to that the capacity for people to lie on their form or be plain ignorant of their own health means that the Red Cross needs effective medical screening tests for donated blood alongside the written declaration. Especially when having unprotected sex is not an automatic rejection.

What got me thinking about this were the ads the Red Cross ran a few months ago basically outlining all the people who couldn’t give blood with the intent of saying if you’re not one of these groups give blood. Except they never included homosexuals in those ads – either because they don’t care, because they knew there’d be backlash over such overt discrimination or because they have a tiny little disclaimer saying that there may be additional criteria. Yet they’re crying poor, the homosexual community may be a minority but could make a contribution to this blood drought.

As a result, and I know it might be selfish of me but I won’t donate blood, it’s my little piece of activism and conscientious objection to an unjust exclusion.  

Last year there was some discussion about changing the rules which explains the ongoing Tasmanian Anti-Discrimation case and the flow on effects for South Africa (although gays must be celibate) .

Oh so that’s what I like?

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I’ve been re-watching Neon Genesis Evangelion on DVD over the past week and to my surprise I realize that I particularly like the idea of giant transforming cities. Not giant robot genre but giant transforming cities.  

I’m never going to get a date now.

Actually this is really only based on a few TV shows but whenever I see it, it just seems cool; probably because it’s a bit more intricate and a higher quality animation. Presumably if I saw it all the time I’d be totally over it. I think I’ll Google this and sate my sub-genre appetite and move on.

XY Cusp

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Not only was this (or a variant – cusping, the cusp, cusper) a possible title for this blog as it would have outlined my life sitting between these two ‘generations’ but the other day I found it was an actual term. Hand to heart I thought I had been somewhat original until I saw this on Wikipedia. Damn you! I guess it was a good call on the title then…unless you read some of the other Google results for active procrastination.  

The whole discussion about generations came up at work as some of my coworkers have to do a report on managing Gen Y staff. Thrilling, no? I asked why they need to do research when they have a member right here, to which I was derided for not ‘really’ being Gen Y. In terms of my attributes I think I am more Y than Xbut I’m just on the edge…the cusp. At times I feel sorry for us cuspers (no matter which cusp) because we’re doomed to be forgotten in the larger commentaries but on the plus side we get the best of both sides, so yay to us. We just need to make the most of it before those Millenniums (or whatever it’s termed) take over and make us obsolete. As to a generation’s traits while they do seem fairly uniform for the many within a generation ultimately it seems that these classifications are the secularists or scientists’ star sign.

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