Working in the city

October 29, 2006 at 8:00 pm | Posted in General, Random | Leave a comment

I love working in the middle of the city there’s always something on. Sometimes it can be good and you can get free stuff like massages or Berocca. Other times weird and wrong like the ‘high-energy’ magician doing tricks (I’ve been living in the X for too long when I have a different thought after typing that) and then there are the plain odd, such as the giant colon that was in front of our building. It was huge – tall enough to walk through and almost a third as wide as Martin Place. While it was to raise awareness of Colon Cancer and the need for mature aged men to get regularly checked it was still strange to see it and perhaps making a statement about corporate life that had nothing to do with good health.  

Speaking of men’s health November is also Movember where men in the office are being encouraged to grow a moustache for the month to raise awareness of men’s health and money when it’s shaved off. I’ll be declining this as the very thought of growing a moustache scares me. I’ve no capacity to grow (decent) facial hair.  There are women in our office with a thicker, darker mo than I could ever get. Although, possibly after a month it might grow into something a Victorian gentleman would appreciate.

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