Pricey but practically perfect.

October 29, 2006 at 8:57 am | Posted in Food, General, Out and About, Sydney | Leave a comment

Today I am recommending a café I go to regularly. After visiting Elizabeth Bay House I made my way to La Buvette on Challis Avenue just off Macleay Street. La Buvette has both sidewalk and inside tables for that casual cup of coffee or a full meal. Although as is the case with many a Sydney café the interior is a little cramped but the space is maximised and the annoyance is minimal. While I occasionally find the staff a little wearying the owners on the other hand are always very friendly and helpful. They are always willing to make a recommendation and talk about food, drinks and anything really. Well, as long as it’s not busy. Granted it can sometimes take a little while for them to take an order but again this is usually during busy periods. The food generally comes out pretty quickly and I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve ever had. Seriously. I know, high praise. Most food I’ve eaten has ranged from decent to great upwards to excellent. Given the prices it’s to be expected. Although having lived in the area for a while these prices are the norm so I’ve become forgetful that there are indeed cheaper places in the city, just not in Potts Point. La Buvette is located near several other cafes and restaurants most of which I’ve sampled over the year and half I’ve been here and La Buvette is my only regular hang out. That really speaks volumes given how flakey I usually am towards my eateries. Unless it’s McDonalds after a big night out.  

Next time you’re in the area read the paper at La Buvette, head over to Elizabeth Bay House and then chill in the garden looking out on Elizabeth Bay or head further down to Rushcutter’s Bay. Very chill.  Be warned that La Buvette is popular (including with the fashionable set) so it can sometimes be difficult to find a seat – although take away is an option too. It’s often easier in the afternoon. While I wouldn’t consider myself one of “the set” I still feel welcomed here. Perhaps it’s just persistence?  Lastly, not sure if it has happened yet but La Buvette will be opening for dinner soon. I am seriously impressed by the owners working all day seven days a week. No procrastination with them!

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