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Tooth decay, disturbing TV, praise at work and Second Life

I went to a fancy dentist this morning to get my tooth looked at. It had lots of LCD screens in the room, including one on the ceiling that they offered to put a DVD on for me to watch while they repaired my tooth’s filling. Yes, that’s right, I needed a new filling. Apparently the old one fell out and the remainder was pressing down on the nerve causing the pain. While I “know” that it’s an issue with the filling and the last dentist (as I do have several others my family dentist put in with no problem) Newest Dentist wouldn’t specify why it fell out or if it was New Dentists’ fault. Although one thing I don’t understand is being asked to say how the filling ‘feels’ when technically I have no feeling in that side of my mouth.

Numbness made work fun, normally I spend a good portion of my day on the phone but today I just left it on voice-mail and slurred to anyone who came up to me and had to explain why I sounded drunk. Now sadly, I’m really not used to praise at work, at least praise that’s not patronising. In the latter’s case that’s the “Oh you made a [simple] spreadsheet, that’s excellent. Very well done,” yet today I found out that one of our vendors told our project manager that I’d done a good job. I was stoked.

Sad that this gets such a reaction.

Speaking of sad, I watched the second half of America Exposed: Uncut’s episode on Crank. It was very disturbing, particularly the couple who swore off drugs for their newborn and then injected themselves within 2 days.  Also the statistic that only 6% of crank addicts manage to actually stay off it is unsettling. Granted this production was done by the same guy who did an episode about suicide that was intentionally emotive. I get the impression that this is his style, full of heart and more importantly sympathy than an informative piece.

While I’m not a Second Life player I found this article about Reuters opening a bureau in cyberspace quite an interesting development.

Can I blame this post on the anaesthetic?

The Foodening … (part 4)

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Despite the drizzle and a toothache tonight at the Night Markets was one of the best. I ate at “Singapore quo tian king”, trying out their BBQ satay chicken with rice. It was delicious and one of the more filling meals, all for $8! Bargain. The rice, which wasn’t the best was infused with the flavours of the chicken and sauce thus making it all good.

After satay chicken I made my way to the Serendipity stall for some ice-cream and for $3 I got myself a cone of chocolate ice-cream. It was creamy and just a little belt melty as well – the perfect ice cream – except for getting it all over my hand. Between the chocolate and the cone it was a great bite.

Luckily the ice cream didn’t hurt my tooth (more than it is anyway). Off to the dentist today. Exciting?

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