Junk food is good

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I’m going to the dentist sometime this week. There’s definitely something weird going on, especially now that I’ve a long-running toothache. I’ll probably go to another dentist as the tooth that’s acting up is one I got a small filling in earlier in the year with my new Sydney dentist, so should it turn out that it’s shoddy work I really wouldn’t want them doing anything.

If the dentist did good work then it’s probably the lack of junk food in my diet that has led to my problems. Seriously. In the past anytime I was reasonably healthy and limited sugars etc my family dentist would inevitably warn me of some impending problem, whereas if I had a junk food heavy lifestyle he’d give me a glowing bill of health.

I guess it’s too late now to start downing Coke and Starburst.

Hello junk mail

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Now that I’ve a new apartment I have to accept the return of junk mail. In my last place the mail boxes were inside so practically nothing ever got dropped off, now my new ones are outsides and I’m getting all this hardcopy spam.  The city weeklies with what’s on sections are pretty useful though!

The Foodening … (part 3)

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Left work just after 5 and headed back to Hyde Park for more food. Luckily the relatively early hour and the overcast and slightly chilly weather meant that there was a lot of space, making it easier to ponder the food on offer. I ended up eating at Banana Blossom, trying out their Ocean Trout. It was $8 and not entirely filling but was quite tasty! Basically, over a bed of noodles and vegeables are some interspersed pieces of trout all in one of those noodle boxes (but only filled half-way). Grab your fork wrote up a review of it (and the noodle fest in general).


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みき はじめまして! 


わたしは ぎんこう の かいしやいん です。

ごせんもん の はんざいがく と こくさいかんけい です。

Okay, Okay so this  is pretty basic (and quite possibly wrong!) but it’s the first, of hopefully many. Presumably they’ll get better soon.

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