So the Object(ive) is?

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This week’s Sydney trip was to Object in Surry Hills. Object is a relatively small gallery space for industrial design pieces. Currently it is hosting the Bombay Sapphire Design Discovery Award Exhibition which showcases the top ten finalists’ work ranging from chairs and tables to lamps and bookcases. While I admit to feeling a bit like walking into an Ikea store it was fairly interesting. Personally, I really liked the Halo watch (yes my first thought was the game) in terms of being a bit funky and being different to the norm in the competition.  Check it out under the People’s Choice section.

Object also had a smaller space above with an exhibit by a Japanese designer, Yuken Teruya, and while it was quick to glance around there was one cool piece. Teruya took some paper bags, like you’d get from a more upmarket store (so not brown paper grocery ones!) and then cut away images of forest scenes and lying it on the side giving it a diorama image.

Lastly, there was another Japanese piece in the foyer: Atelier Bow-Wow: manga pod. It looks quite cool and interesting with many a nook and cranny to store manga (or presumably any book) and sit around. Unfortunately, while the sign on the front of the door said that section should be open today, it wasn’t, somewhat annoying. Especially as it looks like you can actually read the manga on display. rapt! says that it looks great lit up at night too! They also have a small blurb about Yuken Teruya.

Object is located at the St Margaret centre on Bourke Street and is conveniently just a few minutes from Oxford Street. It sholdn’t take very  long to wander around and experience the design work giving you plenty off opportunity to check out the local cafes and many other Sydney sights.  Check their website before you go to see if the current exhibits are up your alley or stick your head in between coffees.


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Despite my earlier post about having issues with my i-mate jam I decided to buy the Jam’s headphones. Even though they don’t have the fashion-sense or quality as other headphones at least they work with the 2.5mm jack so I can actually hear everything.

Now after listening to one of Geek Night’s episodes where they gave a rave review to the comic, “Scott Pilgrim“.  As I’m a sucker for peer pressure I went out and bought the first one. While I ended up getting it at Kinokuniya I have to give props to Kings Comics for knowing about it as well (but being out of stock). Meanwhile the two Brisbane comic shops I went to when I was there all looked at me blankly. I didn’t think #1 really got going until near the end but isn’t the way with most first episodes? So I’ll read #2 to see if the momentum continues building.

Now, sadly it looks like my prediction about a new bookshop in my area has come true. There are now signs advertising the space for lease, which must be really disheartening as it is still open for business. They did fix up some of my complaints by putting some rugs down, removing the couch and tidying up the front. It even has a name now but I guess there’s no need to remember it. I went in once and it looks like there is a large selection but presumably just not enough people are buying. When I went in I saw the owner(?) and his mother chatting. I really hope she didn’t finance this with any retirement funds!

A fun time had by all

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On Thursday Rhiannon had her birthday at the 360 bar in Sydney Tower, on her site you’ll find many photos and really why not add to the plethora of shots with more photos of the same people! They’re also in a set on my Flickr page and if you’re in one and want it taken off (or hidden) let me know.


Miki and Rhiannon


How very meta!

 Knee! You’ll know if you go to Rhi’s site.

The Foodening … (part 2)

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On Thursday,  I went back to the Night Noodle Markets.  This time it was at 5:30 so the lines were manageable and it was so much easier to wander around. I ate from the East Ocean Restaurant stall and had some seriously overpriced Salt and Pepper Squid ($12) in a small tub. They were pretty tasty, although not overly filling. On the plus side having some finger food made it easy to walk throughout Hyde Park snd check out the people, stalls and photos lining the walkway. Still, the price in comparison to the other stalls is quite high and I don’t think it’s good value compared to other fare on offer.

I know I should take photos of the food, like the awesome Grab Your Fork but I have to admit to being self-conscious of taking shots of food in public. Hopefully, taking more outdoor shots will turn that attitude around. Although, I’m feeling kind of ambivalent about these photos:



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