The Foodening … (part 1)

October 11, 2006 at 10:09 am | Posted in Food, General, Out and About, Sydney | 2 Comments

Tonight I made my first foray to Sydney’s annual Night Noodle Markets in Hyde Park.  It’s on for another week or so and I’m going to try a different dish every night. Nothing like some noodles on the way home after work. Although I might need to go earlier in the future as the lines were crazy. There are a few places I won’t try (except for drinking) like Bungalow8, it seems so out of place at a Noodle festival.

So what was tonight? Japancakes! Basically, if you’ve never had one before it’s like a pancake (duh) with different fillings.  I had a spicy beef and cheese which was neither spicy nor particularly cheesy. It was tasty and filling though, granted the long wait to receive the food after submitting my order had a hunger/sauce effect.  It’s also why I don’t have a photo as I scoffed it down and presumably lost out on a bit of the flavour.  Oddly I can’t find a photo on the net either. Presumably, Japancake has a different name in Japan.

Grrr…the Bungalow8 link isn’t working so in longform:

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