A Brisbane weekend

October 9, 2006 at 1:25 pm | Posted in Brisbane, General, Podcasts | Leave a comment

This week I travelled to Brisbane and so once again we’re sans a Sydney site. On the plus side I had the chance to see my family and celebrate my Grandfather’s 90th birthday – or really the pre-party BBQ. The main activities will be on Tuesday when the actual date is.  While I had the chance to meet some of my friends the bulk of the weekend was family fun or travelling back and forth between city and the suburbs.

I did go to the Museum of Brisbane, it was ok but not really a museum about Brisbane, rather special exhibits. This week there were several. The first was a retrospective of the history of the Miss Australia pageant (not specifically Brisbane), the second was a display of male artists’ work on the topic of male identity (presumably by Brisbane artists), and lastly in the hall were some banners about the history of Shakespearean performances in Brisbane and Australia.

All in all a very quick and easy museum, as it’s free and in the centre of the city you should check it out particularly if the exhibits are good.

Before I left I downloaded a bunch of podcasts, in addition to my standard ones I’ve added some new ones including Anime World Order, the Front Row Crew and the Ninja Consultants.  While I like all of them I’m enjoying Front Row the most. Check them out, they’ve got different topics everyday that speaks to my inner geek.

Inner geek?

My geekiness also started to pay off on my holiday as well and my flight home as I began seriously studying hiragana.  While I’m not 100%, my writing is terrible and I haven’t even touched katakana yet I do feel confident about recognising the characters so I can continue my studies. As a result I’m a bit behind on my study plans but still in relatively good shape.

Lastly, my new apartment’s views have already paid off when I was able to see some of the fireworks that were being done over the harbour. So cool! I’ve no idea why they were being set off, but who cares.

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