Weekend weirdness in Sydney

October 2, 2006 at 11:43 am | Posted in General, Random | 2 Comments

Perhaps it’s the Spring weather, perhaps the Grand Finals or the school holidays and long weekend but there seem to be a lot more odd people on the street lately.

Not only were there plenty of homeless people but the more belligerent. Three of note are:

Drunk burly guy– when I was walking home the other night a drunk guy came up to my face and asked for money. I said no and he barged me with his chest, which pushed me back a bit, which gave me enough space to keep walking. Fortunately, he wasn’t freaky enough to do more – I’d have been in trouble then. How much money do you want, mate?

The Tree Doctor– On my way to Audiological Warfare at the Burdekin – which was very cool, particularly the rooftop, I was walking down Oxford Street and saw a complete idiot running down and anytime he came across a tree with a low branch he’d break/snap or otherwise damage it. A complete lout.

I’m lost, woman– Gave a long sob story about being from Melbourne and not being able to get, somewhere by taxi as her cards weren’t working. Am I harsh for not believing her? Possibly but, for future reference, here’s my guide for getting me to give someone I don’t know money:

  • Approach me as part of a group, this makes a story of a lost tourist more believable. When I see that you ignore the group in front of me and the people at the lights you’re standing at to approach me, when I’m walking home alone, sends up a flag.   
  • Go to some effort (a story is good but keep it simple). But when asked to get to the point please do so, I don’t know you so I am not going to stand around talking with you while you waffle and don’t make eye-contact.
  • When told that no you can’t be given any money, don’t turn into a hostile person in a spilt second. Assuming you are a person in need, especially from Melbourne, you’re bound to understand the lamentable – but true – desire by most people not to give money and taking the rejection with good humour might have given me pause to think that perhaps you’re truthful.
  • Lastly, don’t use a similar line to the one you used last year sparking my memory of you. True, this took me a while to recall but she had come up to me in Pitt Street Mall (once again when walking alone)  needing money for her car! OK, then I was new and felt bad about saying no but I’ve got a thicker shell.

I think Sydney will soon be home to some very crazy (and sleep deprived?) animals. I was walking along Darling Harbour and saw the new Sydney Wildlifeworld sitting right next to many of the areas loudest pubs and clubs. While Wildlife World has a nocturnal display I doubt that the ‘normal’ environment for most animals is pounding bass, loud tunes and drunken idiots.  I wonder how the animals will react to it?


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  1. thx for the compliments on audiowarfare, glad you liked the party 🙂

    re: weirdness on the streets of sydney (particularly around surry/darlo) – you really must mention the stylised homeless lady on bourke st. Unlike most homeless people who wear the same clothes 24/7 for about 3 years, the stylised homeless lady has a new kit every day (sometimes i see her in two different outfits in the one day). she is dedicated to raiding the vinnies bins – or maybe people give her clothes? anyhoo, she even has accessories – oversized sunnies (she has a pair just like Nicole Ritchie) head scarves, bangles, anklets – and some days she does her beauty routine on the street (shaving her legs, face mask etc). interesting. she proves that even if you don’t have a home, you can still have style.

    ’nuff procrastinating, back to study.

  2. Whooo a comment! Thanks tamazon. I’ve never seen the styling homeless. I need to spend more time in Surry Hills!

    Good luck with your assignments.

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