Podcast update

September 12, 2006 at 12:04 pm | Posted in French Lessons, General, Podcasts | Leave a comment

I have to apologise for forgetting to include this site for studying French in my discussion of language learning by podcast. I’ve used this for a little while and I think it’s pretty good and it is distinctly different to Japanese and Chinese pod. Personally, I quite like the musical interludes. Although as discussed before, like a balanced diet you need to mix the podcasts up with other modes of study to get the most benefit.

Also, Josh in Japan is back. So for a gaijin’s guide to Japan check him out. OK for some reason the link function isn’t working and the html isn’t showing any discrepancies so…JiJ’s site is: www.joshinjapan.com

Now on a random note, I’ve been looking at hundreds of emails at work today and it strikes me as odd that in this day and age people would submit registration emails like: http://www.address@place.com or address.place.com So weird.

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