Goodbye funky phones, hello simplicity

September 11, 2006 at 1:53 pm | Posted in General, Headphones, i-mate, Music | Leave a comment

Today I finally threw out my funky, relatively unique in the world of ear buds, headphones. I didn’t really want to but, like all other headphones before them they died. At least they didn’t zap my ears like the last pair. I don’t believe these Philips’ ones were of a poor, Sony battery quality, rather through poor compatibility with that other favoured device of mine – my I-mate Jam. First off I love my I-mate and even though I’m jealous of my manager for having a newer version I still don’t feel particularly compelled to buy a new one, not while I can still transfer TV, music and movies onto my 1GB SD card.

My complaint is that the JAM’s headphone jack is the inferior 2.5mm, with most headphone jacks are a standard 3.5mm. The earpiece that came with the phone was just a hands-free device not suited for music and the adaptor to convert normal headphones is a bit bulky, causes instability in the volume and eventually the death of the headphones (at least in my experience with 3 different adaptors and 3 headphones in the past year). One example that is supposed to work is here.

Ultimately, I just don’t understand the reasoning behind installing a 2.5mm in an otherwise high-tech and useful device. So until I can afford to buy a more suitable I-mate (if one exists) or a similar PDA phone I’m left with regular, uninteresting, non-conversation starting ear buds. Although I did go with Philips again and they do seem ok. A day in.

If anyone can explain I-mate’s decision to use the small headphones it’d be appreciated.

Meanwhile, I-mate get your act together!

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