Messed up Mash-ups

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Well this story isn’t cool. Since when were mash-ups high on the corporate legal concerns? Or have I been under a rock. Makes me want to download this song.

Assuming I’m understanding anything properly here.

Procrastinating Active Procrastinating

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Sadly I didn’t manage to go to a Sydney venue this week and indeed I’m not sure I’ll make it to one at all during September. As some of you know my apartment was recently sold and I have to move by the end of the month. To that end when I’d normally travel around town I’ll be looking for a place, packing and moving. I’m hopeful that during the October long weekend I can catch up.

Speaking of the sale, the real estate agent told me it was privately done and it seems odd that this was done sight unseen as I was never informed of an inspection. Furthermore, where my hot water tank is used to have a layer of …something…on the floor but now that’s largely gone. Therefore, I’ve got a sensation that perhaps the owner has perhaps been coming in unannounced. Prefer not to think about it too much.

On the plus side I’ve decided to renew my focus on languages. With 16 weeks to go in the year I’ve decided to structure the Languages page on a week by week goals list. Also, copying the concept from Ruby I’ll be writing a small blog for each language per week. Granted for Chinese and Japanese it will be of the “I am a student, this is my book” variety. French will consist of lots of bad grammar.

More birthday madness

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OK so let’s try this again…On Wednesday I went for a belated birthday dinner at Sel et Poivre in Darlinghurst. It was a great night with excellent food and classic French service (there’s a sizeable amount of sarcasm on that one). All in all a cool night with Danielle, Jenai and Amy. We all had an entree, they had pasta for mains and I had a beef casserole, which was delicious. There was no need for the steak knife they provided. Yum! Also feeling a bit glutinous as I was the only one eating dessert I ate a Creme Brulee. It was a good size but I have eaten better. Still good though.  

The girls gave me some thoughtful and cool gifts, thank you! Then we headed to the Green Park Hotel for some more drinks. Fun times.  

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