Another Museum but nothing worthwhile

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This week’s field trip was to the Museum of Sydney. I had high hopes for this museum located near Circular Quay – on the remains of first Governor’s residence – but it sadly didn’t live up to expectation. Although it gave some insight into what I expect from a museum. First off, it’s another venue where no water bottles are allowed to be open or carried. I seriously don’t understand this rule as everything is protected and if they’re worried about people slipping on spilt water then all the museums would have this rule. Rant over. Also you will need to pay. Conceptually the museum appears to give a (very) short history of Sydney. It was somewhat surreal to go from the history of Aborigines in the Sydney area into the glam of the 20s and 30s. Meanwhile, design wise the museum is good with interactive elements and a reasonable use of space and light. 

Now onto the content. Yes, there is a plethora of information and various formats that give insight into the city’s history. However, it lacks depth and breadth. There are allusions to many topics and terms such as the NSW Corps, the Great Depression, Bubonic Plague and the Rum Rebellion. These and others could have been expanded upon to bring forth a better understanding and appreciation on the effect (or lack thereof) on Sydney’s history and the larger Australian history. In retrospect I think was a similar failing of the National Museum. Personally I think some anecdotes about some of Sydney’s landmarks would have been intriguing.

Really, you can give this a miss if you’ve read a brief history of Australia and Sydney at another museum or in a tour guide book. It’d be a much better use of time to wander a little bit further down the street and visit the Justice Museum.

Overall: skip it.


More TV ‘n’ stuff

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Apologies for the poor formatting, for some reason it’s not letting me put in paragraph breaks…except for this one. Try and enjoy.  

Well, I guess my previous question about South Parkand JonBenet is a moot point now.
In other TV news, I’m not prone to doing reviews of individual episodes, but last week had some unexpected highlights/lowlights. And yes I’m slow reporting it. It saw both Stargate SG-1’s 200th episode ‘200’ and notice of its cancellation. 200 was incredibly good, initially I thought it was going to self-indulgent trash but very soon the in-jokes and tongue in cheek (including about cancellation) started to win me over. Though the moment where it turned to fan boy status was when they parodied Farscape. Awesome. As for its cancellation, a part of me is sad because it’s been such a stalwart – usually of high quality – but by the same token it has outlasted so many shows, ten years is a phenomenal run in TV. Just ask Farscape. Hopefully, they can either find another network or telemovie it or at the very least wrap up the story effectively. And while we’re on it, Atlantis also had a pretty good episode that week with Real World. I’ve always enjoyed episodes in sci-fi/fantasy where they think they’ve experienced is a mental condition. Probably a good break for the actor too. Though the leaps of logic the rest of the cast make are pretty big ones. In both episodes there was of course guest appearances by Richard Dean Anderson.
Recently watched National Geographic’s ‘World Cyber Games’ documentary. It was quite interesting. While I used to be quite a gamer the professionals well and truly put me to shame. I thought I was fairly up on my pop cult geekiness but this event has previously passed me by. Looks like fun.
Unlike, Crime and Investigation Channel’s documentary ‘The Real Blair Witch’about a group of teens who, depending on who you believe, made an amateur movie or kidnapped and terrorised an acquaintance all while videotaping it. Watching segments is unnerving. Which followed on from watching a biography of Jeffrey Dahmer. OK too much criminology.
Speaking of, have successfully completed my degree and received a letter the other day saying I’d finished my criminology degree and will eventually get a letter inviting me to my graduation in a few months. Exciting!
Lastly, Rove McManus was recently interviewed in the Good Weekend Magazine of the Sydney Morning Herald and one of the questions was what he thinks about sometimes, his answer being, somewhat appropriately, “where Casper the Friendly Dead Kid is buried,” and now I’m pondering that as well.

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