Not such a yawn – the Canberra Trip

August 20, 2006 at 12:05 pm | Posted in canberra, Travel | Leave a comment

A week ago I ventured to the nation’s capital to visiti some friends amongst other things. It’s been 6 years since I was last in Canberra and much has changed but most appears the same and familiar. Most noticeable was the change in the city’s skyline – while not impressive – a substantial increase in construction than in 2000.


Lake to Civic

More of Civic

The one major attraction I wanted to see was the National Museum that opened after I left. After a 20 minute walk from Civic (longer if you take photos) you’ll arrive at the oddly designed National Museum, its architecture is in stark contrast to the more staid design of Canberra’s buildings. The museum charts both Aboriginal and European histories of Australia.


Across the lake to the National Museum

National Museum – Interior

Museum Entrance – Not really sure what the ‘rollercoaster’-esque thing on the side represents

Boat near the Museum – My inner Geek couldn’t resist!

The museum has a large array of exhibits most of which are interactive on some level or another thus making it more entertaining and indeed educational. I could have spent considerable time reading all of the information but due to a lack of time and patience that didn’t happen, nonetheless I gleaned quite a bit of knowledge. My only real complaint is that the layout is not linear, normally not such a problem but there is a need to do some backtracking and searching to make sure you see everything. Hoping that you’ve seen everything. Presumably those with time can manage this more easily. When in Canberra a visit to the National Museum would be recommended.

I’ll add more about Canberra in further posts.

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