Who can stand in a line when drinking way too much coffee?

July 24, 2006 at 10:52 am | Posted in Sydney, Travel | Leave a comment

On Sunday we went to the Aroma Coffee Festival. It was a good day with beautiful warm winter weather made even warmer by lots of cheap coffee ($1 per cup). Not all the stalls provided coffee, some were for coffee makers, tours and general displays. I would have preferred to try a sample of each (even though my taxi-driver warned that more than 4 would kill me!) but there were substantial queues at a many of the providers. Particularly those at the entrances. Fortunately, I was still able to try:

-Karmee Coffee (no mocha available here) the latte was ok but lacked the rich taste I prefer

-Veneziano Coffee (no mocha either) short macchiato, I’m not a big drinker of macchiato’s so I can’t discuss in depth but it was a nice blend

-Piazzo D’Oro: They had two lines, one for coffee and one for hot chocolate. The hot chocolate was delicious we came back for seconds! Meanwhile I finally got a mocha but, for a coffee festival it was disappointing. Basically they just squirted some chocolate into a pre-made latte. Luckily adding some hazelnut flavouring helped to remedy the lacklustre taste.

-Voodooo Rocky Road. Not coffee, I tried the white chocolate rocky road. It became a bit sickening by the end so I couldn’t finish it. Next time I might try the milk chocolate.

If not for the lines (I’m too impatient) I would have liked to try the Turkish coffee and the Mayan Chocolate.

Some of the vendors were from chains and shops I’d been to many times in the past so I was able to focus on new tastes. Oddly I thought Starbucks and Gloria Jeans would have made an appearance.

After wandering around the festival for a while we took a wander across the Bridge and through Luna Park. I’ve often thought about going to Luna Park – at least from a distance on the other side of the harbour or on high when taking the train running above to work and seeing all the lights at night. I’m not saying that reality was disappointing but honestly I’d always thought there would be more. Still if you were high on sugar and with a group of friends all those carnival rides would be a lot of fun!

On my way home I had another Coffee (number 4!) at the Grumpy Baker (see Food & Drink).

A summary and photos will be on the Travel tab soon.

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