Progression is good.

July 13, 2006 at 3:43 pm | Posted in Language Study, Podcasts, Random | Leave a comment

I’ve been pondering what to do with my “languages” page and as this blog is meant to be, in part, a reflection of my motivation I thought it best to, after completing a unit in my textbook, to do a recap possibly with vocab and grammar notes. If I don’t I imagine I’ll keep coming up with excuses not to study. Therefore I’ll be building that up over the week. Unless something shiny distracts me.

Also I recently listened to Josh in Japan and his very interesting pod-cast of, well, a guy called Josh living in Japan. He’ll soon be heading back to the US to complete studies, fortunately he’ll be continuing his JiJ pod-cast and possibly future endeavours. Download episode 40 for the details. I’ve enjoyed the pod-casts, it was great to listen to them while bored at work and gave me incentive to travel to Japan! Best of luck to you and your family and hope to hear more, whether it’s Japan related or not.

Random – despite updating all my software and hardware my fancy (relatively) new Dell Media PC occasionally will not restart/load from standby mode leaving me no choice but to pull out the plug and put back in again thus losing all active data and probably doing some other damage. I’m not sure if I should blame Microsoft (such an easy target) or Dell. Though as a gripe it’s not so bad.

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