And now for something completely different… well four things

June 28, 2006 at 10:08 am | Posted in General, Random | Leave a comment

Here are four completely random things I thought about today:

– How odd is the word “alight” I don’t know it’s history but I only seem to hear it rarely, usually in a transport context, so I was wondering today as I heard it over the loudspeaker at the station. Then I pondered how non-English speakers deal with it, especially travellers, as it’s never come up in my beginner classes when I study other languages so presumably it doesn’t come up for them either. Then again who really understands what they say over station speakers anyway.

-Now for the gross, how good does it feel when you blow your nose really well and it’s like your nose suddenly feels free?! Not just free but clear all the way up to your brain. No doubt it’s probably a result of some brain cells dying but it still feels great when you feel clear for the first time in ages.

– How is it that water dispensers, those ones with the delivered water bottles on top, don’t fit a standard water bottle at the tap leaving you no option but to put your bottle at an angle resulting in spillage on the floor.  

-I’m not used to train travel, normally I commute by foot, car or bike, so when I saw someone get on my late train home that I’d seen this morning. So I just found that odd. Probably regular train riders will scoff at this minor observation.

Like I said, random thoughts.

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