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June 18, 2006 at 7:16 pm | Posted in General, News | Leave a comment

Well I've manged to finally start studying liability for my exam on Wednesday. That's not as bad as it sounds and I must be improving a bit because it's not on the night before! How did I celebrate those couple of hours of effort? By going into town and watching the World Cup of course! I watched Japan and Croatia draw and then the more important (to me) game of Australia and Brazil. I admit I'm not a sporty person at all but perhaps the euphoria of the world game plus the excitement (and peer pressure) of having your country involved helps to bridge the divide. I didn't get the chance to see Australia and Japan so missed out on the partying in the streets, though I did see similar scenes when Korea won last week. As Australia lost tonight all I saw was a stream of people heading towards their respective stations, perhaps the main festivities at Circular Quay were different. At any rate I'm now at home watching Korea and France while typing this and before getting some sleep. Speaking of, I don't know whether it's due to a relative lack of stress or what but I've been sleeping up to 11 hours a night! OK sleeping 5 then hitting snooze for 5 hours. How bizarre! Clearly, that won't work for an early morning exam so I shall try sleeping on my couch, which is too uncomfortable to get prolonged sleep and hopefully I'll wake up relatively early. A good start for exam readiness. Now for some randomness. On the way home I had two lovely encounters. The first was a somewhat seedy English guy with yellow teeth asking, verbatim, "where he can find some pussy, not to have just to look" very charming to make that distinction. Hope that doesn't offend. Sadly one of my former co-workers wasn't with me to give a block by block stripper map so the best I could do was suggest Kings Cross. Now at the end of my journey I'm almost certain that I interrupted a homeless woman mid bathroom break as she jumped over the fence as I was walking up the steps and sub sequently pretended to use the phone booth and upon reaching her corner was overcome by the odour. Fun times.

However, the biggest and best news of the night was finding out that after years of hoping 'The Comedy Channel' will be re-broadcasting 'The Daily Show' from 3 July! I was so happy I even did a little dance. No more will I be relegated to web clips and the atrocious 'Global Edition' for Jon Stewart and the team's snarky take on the news. So stoked!

Ok I know all of that is a bit odd. A tad stream of consciousness. Blame it on beer blogging at 5am.  

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