It’s done…almost.

June 14, 2006 at 3:22 pm | Posted in General | Leave a comment

My last semester of university and Masters has almost come to an end. I've handed in all assignments and take-home exams with only one sit-down to go in a week. While I am nervous about results I think I'll do ok and though I'd been hoping for a Distinction average it'll most likely be Credit – nonetheless a good result given the amount of things due in one week. Or not, if you take the lack of organisation to complete everything ahead of schedule but that's no fun when you're a procrastinator.

Now for some other updates:

  • I went to see the World Press Photos Exhibit 2006 with a few people and sadly it was the last day so it was quite busy and having a good look at the pictures was difficult. The general consensus was that it was ok but not great. Personally, it didn't seem much different than last year and my biggest gripe from both is that these photos show a variety of emotions and situations however, in the war and chaos shots there are never any 'human goodness' pictures. Human spirit photos tend to be relatively generic, a ballerina or a child palying football. All of which are fine, if a tad repetitive, but I would like to see – even the cliched – person handing out medicine or treating injuries in a war zone or similar. Perhaps next year.
  • Went to see "Belle and Sebastian" at the Enmore with Rhiannon, you can see my thoughts on the "Music & Movies" tab. Rhiannon thanks for introducing me!
  • Went back to training after a month long absence and it was good. Even though I'm lacking in confidence at the moment everyone has been really helpful in teaching me.

You know, I thought I'd done more in the past month or so and even taking into consideration study, coffee, drinking and the occasional hangover that is pretty pathetic.

Up until my exam next week I will be studying my languages again and continuing with training and studying plus trying to find a job (probably temping in the short term) until I get word on the graduate job applications I sent in.

All in all things are looking up and as always will keep you posted.


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